Bahadir From Turkey

Hello all,

I am Bahadir from Turkey and I am a big data architecht in a bank. I also have research team in bank for new technologies. I have been in big conferences and I see most of development need will solved by Low-No Code platforms in 1-2 years. I found Glideapp from a twitter flood and I started to do some kind of applications. I made a Non-Profit organisation app for people can see other members of society, ask questions and take point from gamification system of app. After this I decided to use Glide more :slight_smile:

I am happy to here.

My goals are: Making a Turkish Udemy course for glide app and make huge Glideapp hackhaton for student that can solve needs of business.



Welcome @Bahadir_Kaya!!


Welcome mate, let us know if we can support!

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Welcome @Bahadir_Kaya to the community forum!