Backups: sending google spreadsheet via email

When I try to send my google spreadsheet to myself via email the file won’t attach to the email as an attachment.

Anyone knows the reasoning?

Is that within the app? Can you do a video?

No, not in the app.
As you can see from the video when i drag and drop the google spreadsheet file to attach it on an email it does not work. The file becomes a 1kb file which can’t be opened.

How did you get the file in the first place? If you downloaded it, why was it in a .gsheet format instead of .xlsx?

Was just drag and dropping from the cloud. Solved now, thank you very much for your help!

But now that I download the file and try to attach it on an email so I can send it to myself and backup the backend, this appears:

It won’t let be send the email because “a virus is detected”

It works with other emails such as outlook but not gmail…very strange

If you simply want to backup a “version” of your sheet i.e. store a copy of the configuration and the data at a specific point in time, then you can choose File > Version history > Name current version. This allows you to create a snapshot that you can go back and view or even restore. It is, however, still stored in the cloud as opposed to locally. Depends what you’re after.


Interesting, however if the spreadsheet gets accidentally deleted then I would lose everything. That’s why I prefer to send a duplicate version to myself via email but with gmail that strange error occurs.

You can always restore it if you accidentally delete it and find out before something like 30 days, I think.

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I use a script triggered to run once a week. It create a timestamped duplicate of the sheet in my google drive. I have almost 3 years of weekly backups and they take up very little space in my google drive.


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