Automatic fill with formula when new row

I put an “array” formula in a Glide table & modified it according to the relevant data, & the table displays the formula, not get result. Could someone please explain how I can have a column automatically populate with identical data when a new row appears?


do you mean Array in Experimental Code?
If yes may I know what kind of Array do you mean?

That’s not how “formulas” work in Glide Tables. You can’t use formulas in the same way that you would with Google Spreadsheets.
In Glide Tables, you use computed column types, and the results are automatically applied to all rows.


Can a Single Value Column be made to specify a row owner?

No it cannot because it’s a computed column that’s computed on a user device after all data has been sent to the user.

If you are trying to set a column value that can be used for row owners, then I would try setting the column value when the row is added through the app.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to pull up the table & copy & paste, for example, an “Admin”'s email address into the cell in the new row every time, for example, a new user signs in. That makes having instant admin access in the app impossible, & accessing or modifying new user data very cumbersome, especially if there are multiple "Admin"s (which it seems would require multiple Row Owner columns).

Do you know if the fact that computed column types (including those that just deal with email address data) & the ability to designate columns as Row Owners appear to be mutually exclusive is an intentional exclusion meant to, for example, prevent GDPR violations or something?

First of all, I’m assuming you don’t have a google sheet as you mentioned that you are using a glide table, so that’s why you are trying to perform an array formula in within glide.

I didn’t mean you having to manually copying the email into each row. I meant an action in your app that gets triggered whenever the user does something, such as pressing a button. That’s when the column would be filled through a set column action. Possibly through some on onboarding workflow.

The fact that you can’t apply row owners to computed columns is intentional, but has nothing to do with anything like GDPR…mostly. It’s more to do with data security in general. It’s that fact that computed columns are computed directly on the user device. Not on the glide server. You have to send data to the user before any computations can occur. If you would be allowed to send your entire database to a random user, just so a computed column can check who is the row owner, then you have already breached security by sending out all data for all rows instead of only the data that belongs to the owners of each row.

It’s like a bank handing over the account information for every single one of their customers and then saying “just look for only your own account”. Some people might be honest, but others won’t and will steal everybody’s information and money because they had access to it. Instead, something needs to occur at the bank so they only hand over your account information to only you. That’s where row owners come in. The server is the bank and determines which information should be sent to the user. If the server sent all of the information to the user and the user had to decide which pieces of information belonged to them, then what’s the point of data security. Computed columns are the same as the user making the decisions with the data. Not the server. How that makes sense.