Automatic feed of holiday dates

Hey guys,

I am looking for a way to automatically pull in public holidays for the current and next calendar year. In my case, this is for Western Australia.

Once in Glide they will be used to filter out dates that field staff can be booked for jobs.

Has anyone done this before?

Yes, but not automatically.

I have a Staff Leave App that accounts for Public Holidays when Staff apply for leave, to calculate the correct number of days to deduct.

But Public Holiday dates rarely change, so I haven’t bothered trying to auto-import them. I just manually enter them into a table at the start of each year.

I am currently doing them manually but find that there are a couple of cases where the date may change for booking purposes.

  • Easter seems to always be different
  • When the day falls on a weekend and it is taken as a day in lieu during the standard working week

Do you include the Year?

That’s what I do - so Good Friday 2022 and Good Friday 2023 are two separate rows in my table. Doing it this way, it doesn’t matter if the dates change from year to year (which they always do).

Yep, we include the year. Was just thinking about a set and forget alternative to manually putting them in, not that it takes a heap of time.

I guess if you could find an API it would be doable. But personally, I don’t think it would be worth the effort.