Auto play audio

Is there any way my audio plays automatically? I have recorded audio to greet my private users when they open the app.

Here’s my answer for a related thread a couple of days ago.

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Yes, I didn’t want to say it at 1st, @Hassan_Nadeem :slightly_smiling_face:. But remember the app is used from a mobile. So your user can be anywhere, in public transports, in office, whatever. In UX best practices, it’s better to respect his/her privacy and MUTE all sounds by default.
Unless it’s of course, for sight-impaired & blind people who will naturally use headphones and need audio guidance on each step.
Your user may not wish to let everyone know what s.he’s doing, not always.
Think of yourself: do you really wish everyone to know what you’re looking at?

Besides, we’re already surrounded by phone ring tones, it may not be appropriate to add more sound in the landscape.
You could embarrass your user, which can return his/her negative experience against your app. Even if your intentions were of course to help him/her.
The people’s affordance nowadays is very high, difficult to impress.

Freedom and Privacy.
Besides, sometimes, your phone device can bug and start the sound before the right moment, so better not count on it :grin:. Like in presentation slides.


Thank you so much for this explanation @L.M . This makes a lot of sense!

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