Audio - Playlist with Joined List Column

So I just gave something a try in the hopes that it would work… and it didn’t… and I was bummed… and so I decided to make it a Feature Request.

I created a Joined List column bundling up a bunch of uploaded Audio URLs with a comma separator. I placed an Audio Component on the screen and pointed it to that new Joined List column. Error. Of course.

But how rad would it be if the Audio Component recognized that Joined List column as individual URLs and auto-played them one after the other? You could create a playlist experience where multiple audio episodes played one after the other on the same screen from the same component.

In the meantime, does anyone know of an outside product like Cloudinary but for audio that would allow you to bundle multiple audio URLs into one URL that plays them all one after the other?


Cloudinary does have limited audio manipulation, but doesn’t seem to support grouping multiple audio files into one URL the way you can layer multiple images… BUT… I just had an idea. Would require external coding. I could host a javascript audio player on an external site that accesses the same google sheet column and plays different sets of audio files on different URLs (using PHP or something… could probably even just set up a Wordpress blog to do most of the heavy lifting), then keep those URLs in your google sheet as well, corresponding to the right set audio files you want to deliver with the app under certain conditions… and then you’d just use the new Webview component rather than the Audio Component.

It’s pretty convoluted though. I could see myself building something like that and then a month later, Glide releases the feature I need. That’s certainly happened before :wink:


Yes yes yes! I got this to work using Webview directing to some PHP and javascript. And since the glide player is a standard HTML5 player, it looks exactly the same. Loads instantly and seamlessly, and now I can make playlists with all kinds of conditions from the user.

The only snag is that the shortest aspect ratio for Webview is 3:1, which is still pretty high considering how thin that audio player is on iOS. I have the player vertically centered on the page and even in 3:1, the spaces between it and the components above and below are pretty wide. But I’ll take it. Hopefully we’ll get proper playlist functionality from the audio player in the future.


@John_Cabrera you might want to share the code in the community? I would have suggested a paid template but this isn’t possible as it will include non-glide stuff (php+JavaScript)

Anyway - great you are sharing :+1:


Ah, that’s true. I know the devs aren’t crazy about other coding tech being used with Glide, although with webview I would assume they’d be more into it since webview assumes you have a website to point it to… and in many cases that might be your own website, with your own tech. What better way to use Glide and your own website than for that website to use some of the same Sheets data your app is using.

But yeah, I’m not expecting an app of mine to get into the template store just yet. I love this product so much, but I’m a tinkerer and explorer at heart, so I’ll always be looking for weird workarounds. Maybe when I finish this app, I’ll put on a suit and tie and build a proper template.

In the meantime, if you want any of my PHP and Javascript, I’ll send it over DM. Anyone interested, just reach out to me privately. Keep the forums super fresh Glideness.


Adding link to similar topic

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Hey John,

Are you still willing to share your code? I was hoping Glide would have an updated audio component by now, but it seems like nothing is in the works. Would love to try a workaround if the grouping function is still working for you.