Assign Custom Color for Charts

By default, the color depends on the numbers… the largest number will take the first color in the color theme, while the smaller color will use (n)th color.

Can we assign custom color set on charts?

For example:
Green = checked,
Red = unchecked


Couldn’t we do a color grade on charts?
Like a positive value would be green and a negative value be red, and everything in between transitions slowly. Similar to Google Sheets conditional formatting.
Or, a value of zero would be a light yellow the highest value be a dark red.
It’s really difficult to portray a trend with charts when value 1 is random color, value 2 is random color, etc.
I’m not trying to create a piece of art with a chart but trying to portray data.
Even a solid color, just blue, red, or anything, will be less confusing than value 3 being red, 5 being blue, and 1 being purple.

Not at the moment, but it has already come up.
I’m sure in the features request app you can upvote it.