Arrayformula Lookup that matches 2 values

Hey, guys.
I’ve been away from glide for a little bit and came back to work on a project. For some reason it’s like starting from new.

I have the following sheets. Challenges and challengePlay respectively
What I want to do is get the value of P1CollectibleID from the challengePlay into the P1CollectibleID in the Challenges sheet using array formula.
The criteria is to get the P1CollectibleID that matches same ChallengeID and P1(email address)

To give a bit of context, users challenge someone by creating a challenge, and then once the challenge is created both users can play. Challenges are created in the challenges sheet and their plays are created in the challengesPlay sheet.

Hi Sandro, hope I can help.

An ARRAYFORMULA like this would work.


When you want to match 2 values, the idea is to join them in both sheets as a temporary column that only exists inside that formula.

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Thank you for your help.
Unfortunately, it didn’t solve it.

Before I had a query that was “select C where (A = ‘“A2:A”’ and B = ‘“B2:B”’)” and it worked, but not inside the arrayformula.

Can you send me a partial copy of your data or some dummy data that I can work on? What was the error you received?

Update: This issue was solved using the same method above so anyone with the same problem can go with that idea.