Array contains element may have a bug

Did anyone used the function “Array contains element”, as for me, it seems to have a little bug.

If I have only numbers in the array and I try to find a number it doesn’t work, the moment I add also a letter, it works … but I only if I want to find letters … and I don’t need letters :sweat_smile:

Some suggestions or can we report this little bug ?

Hi @Ovi

Could we have a support link and a short narrated video for us to take a look at this?

I’ve created only a demo app to show you this

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Yes, there is a problem but when the array is created by a Make Array or Split Text column.

Instead by using a Lookup, everything works perfectly:


here the case using a Split Text column. the plugin fails…


but lookup uses the values in a single column and I need the values from multiple columns.
I think the approach is different and I can’t get those to in a column, as the values are assign in a row … So, this isn’t a solution for me… but thanks for the help.

do you know if this could be fixed in the next period ?

I know it’s not the solution for you, don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s just a help for @SantiagoPerez in order to cover all cases with this bug.


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The engineering team is working on a fix for this. Thanks for reporting it.