Array column for link field

Hi. I’m trying to use a array column to fill a link field with 3 links. So, I have on my google sheet the columns “Ingresso / Passeio 1”, “Ingresso / Passeio 2” and “Ingresso / Passeio 3”, each on with 1 link. On my app, tha data sheet created the column “Ingresso / Passeio”, gathering the 3 links, as expected. But the problem is that this option (“Ingresso / Passeio”) doesn’t appear on the columns dropdown for me to chose it to fill my link field. The dropdown keep showing only columns “Ingresso / Passeio 1”, “Ingresso / Passeio 2” and “Ingresso / Passeio 3”. What can I do to solve it?

The link component can’t take array column as an input, you will have to do it separately. Why do you want an array column here though? I assume just to save the time for adding 3?

I have a travel app and I want to give 3 option of tickets purchase links for my user to book an attraction. This link field goes on the attraction page, that has other fields, as description, cost, address… So each field has an title and the related info. The tickets field should be like that, the title (“Ingresso / Passeio") and the 3 tickets purchase links under it. Can’t I do it?

As I said above, would 3 separate link components do it the way you want?

It’s not ideal, but I guess I’ll have to do this way… Thanks for your help!

You don’t have to put a title on the second and third link components. Just put a title on the first link component only. If you don’t like the look of that, you can always use the Text components to create your own headings as well.