Appointment scheduling by selecting a date alone

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I am working on a project where one can book a date to give a talk. This means only one person can choose only one date. This is not based on any time slot as such. Tried the choice approach, but I have to enter all the dates manually on sheets. Used Calendly and integrated it using zapier. It worked but I wanted to know if this could be done using glide directly? Thanks and have a great day


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I’m not assuming anything here, but I should like to think YES.

You want a date selected by a speaker not to be available to the next speaker? I’m sure there is more to this.

Thank you.

Hey @Wiz.Wazeer

Thank you for the warm welcome. :slight_smile: Hope you’re doing well. I need to explore sheets and glide more. I am newbie :slight_smile:
Here are the reasons why,

  1. We conduct these sessions only on a Thursday from 5 to 6pm
  2. We weren’t comfortable with creating a list view of all dates using choice feature, I did come across a few ways to do it. But felt I have to manually add those dates on sheets, which is cumbersome
  3. Selecting a date from a date picker seemed like a more natural behaviour where we only show thursdays available. We managed to do that using calendly and open it as a web view on glide

Therefore wanted to create a better experience to select dates using glideapp.

I hope this explains my doubts & concerns. Thank you.

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Thank you :blush:

Okay now I get the full picture. Short answer is yes but we will need to use the sheet as well. But don’t worry, no manual date insertions.

Only Thursdays between 5 & 6 pm?

Okay pls do me a favour. Download this template.

Your solution you will find in the section on bookings. It combines editor with sheet but brilliantly done.

Pls try this first. If not right for your use case, we try another one.

You can change the opening and closing day to Thursday only. Just need to tweak the formula a little. @Jeff_Hager can assist you with that. It’s his template.

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Hey @Wiz.Wazeer

Woah thanks a lot. I am just unable to open the template. could you please have a look into that? Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry :neutral_face:

Hi @Wiz.Wazeer

Thanks a lot for this! This is really brilliant. :smiley: I do have a few doubts though. Incase I create an array of dates to pick, list view on glide might be a bit overwhelming to consume. Since consumption as a calendar is something people might be comfortable with. Again this is an assumption, I have to test it. I could break it down to select a month and then show the thursdays from that month to make the information more consumable. Your thoughts?

And I’ll get in touch with @Jeff_Hager to modify the script. Thanks a lot once again. :smiley:

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Yes break it down to months and replace names with events. This way you can avoid third party integrations like calendly. Test it first. You can even introduce hourly slots into the mix. See how it goes.

By the way this does not use any scripts; only formulas. If you get stuck let us know.


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Awesome @Wiz.Wazeer ! Will try it out and pester you guys with more questions… Thanks a lot and a have a fantastic day :smiley:


Hi there! Could you please help me with the formula and how can I first select the month and show dates accordingly? Thanks.

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