App with switching between multi user experience

Hello Gliders,

I have a scenario for an education app in both (pages + app) in which I need to add the experience of having multiple sub accounts for parents to access the app for their children and have the ability to switch between sub accounts something like how you can switch between emails in Gmail App.

I know there is no native way of doing it and I am thinking about having a field in the users table specifying the selected child to filter everything in the app based on it. How would you recommend the best way to visually show which is the selected child within all pages without the need to go into specific page such as profile page?

I would suggest a user-specific field to store the rowID the parent is “viewing as”. Create a choice component in the Users tab, for example, so they can switch easily.

Then on every screen, add an inline list at the top to filter the Users table by the “viewing as” ID so people can know which child’s data they are looking it.

Maybe you just need to do it on the top level.