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A big company is asking me to make an app that would block their vendors from using any functions on their phones until they download and update their sales app manually. Basically it would be a glide app with a button that lets them download and update their sales app which needs to be done daily at a certain hour. I need to know if this could be done with glide plus some code or is this project to big for glide?

Sorry for not fully understanding but what do you mean by “an app that would block their vendors from using any functions on their phones”? Any functions? A Glide app can’t control any of the phones native functions or capabilites.

Are you being asked to write the sales app? Is the sales app written in Glide? Are you talking about two apps or just one?

Hi @George_B,
Thanks for your quick reply. They already have an service that makes sales :frowning: and optimizes the route. But they need they’re sales team to update the information nightly but have no luck for them to do this. Currently they send out mass messages with the new .apk update through whatsapp to all of their vendors at night with no luck. I could build the database part and host the .apk link on glide even include a sms or push notification service through glide. But have no idea on how to make it obligatory to download and update their app.

I’m 99.99% sure Glide does NOT have the capability to force a new .apk to be downloaded and installed. And I doubt it is on any roadmap for the future either. I would take a serious look at the app they have for the sales team and think about a rewrite of that. It seems very limiting to have to install a new .apk just to update the data but without a full understanding of the requirements or conditions (possibly no connectivity so only local data would suffice) I can only speculate.

Yes. It was weird for me too, hearing this request but it is a big company that is looking for some solution and I found out that they already are paying $15,000 for their current app that doesnt update automatically.

I’m still trying to see what i could do. Or even if their exists some type of work around to implement this.

I wonder if they could have their current app modified to expire each day after midnight and just show a message saying that an update is needed.

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The way to do!