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Hello Guys. First off I am not a fan of how things are with my Glide App. Second… can someone please tell me why my app is not responding to what I am telling it to respond to… a Simple link to the home page from an Excel sheet… Unresponsive. Takes ages to load… cmon guys!

Can you send some screenshots on how you’re configuring the app and the link to the app for us to test?

Hello. The app is not performing well at all. After adding it to home it goes blank. Its slow and it takes ages to load any data.

We would need more information here. How many rows are you using for your app? Do you have a lot of images/query columns tied to the first screen that the user loads when they enter the app?

How do I check it?

This number should be shown on your Usage view on the team’s page.

You have to check this yourself in your data view. Did you build this or someone else?

Hello. Apologies for my lack of communication. I was away for the past week.

I really need help with this as my first language is definately not Glide or tech at all. Can you guide me through the process please so I can get the app responding optimally?

Do you have access to the builder version of the app? If yes, is the app loading normally there?

Builder version I guess is the backend…

So you’re on a Maker plan. How many rows do you have in total across all tables? You can go back to the dashboard of your team GALLIES and check the Usage tab for this.

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Please share the steps if you dont mind