App Logo on Internet Browser Tap Missing

I have a custom logo for the Glide Pro version of my App. My customized logo used to appear on the internet browser tap of my App’s page. It appears that the recent Glide updates have reverted my browser tap logo back to the generic logo I used before I upgraded to the Glide Pro. How do I fix this?

Can you please show us with screenshots? Also of you open in another browser, is there a difference?

Thanks for such a timely response.

I fixed it.

The problem only occurred when using Chrome as my browser. It was fine with Firefox and Safari doesn’t have logos on their browser tabs.

I fixed the problem by deleting my browsing history. Chrome was apparently pulling up a version from my history.

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot. I fixed the problem before taking one. If I encounter the problem again, I’ll take one.

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