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How can I toggle between languages within an app tabs
As an example, I have 4 tabs in the App: Home, My Profile, Tasks, Calendar
How do I link tab name to a variable that switches to Spanish: Inicio, Mi perfil, Tareas, Calendario

Hi @adelhammoud,

Thanks for writing in. This might help:

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Hello @iamtomgray

Thank you for your feedback. I was asking if how to toggle between two languages within an App from the App (not from changing browser default language). Ideally, there I need to add a language button where tabs names switches automatically and then the App components associated with selected language will get displayed.

Thanks, Adel

There’s a workaround but it’s a manual fiddly process. It won’t work for tab names unfortunately but you can do this with the content within. You could remove the tab names leaving the icons, and then create headers that align with the following:

If applicable, using the choice component with the two language as options you can toggle between each, setting the visibility on components for each respectively. You’ll need to duplicate text components, one for English and one for Spanish. Does that make sense?

Yes it does and I was thinking down the same line.

I am actually building “default language” based on user’s selection in his/her profile.
But sometimes, even user’s default language is English, he/she might want to switch to Spanish just for that instance. It will be nice if Glide can add in language capability index (i.e. I build the whole app in one language, but I go to the index dictionary and define the other language) - of course this requires fields to be replicated one set per language.

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Yes, nice idea, @adelhammoud.

We currently don’t have a timeframe for this kind feature but would be good to explore additional workarounds. I’m sure this is something additional users would benefit from. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with.

So how to actually change the language with available Localization?


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