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Free app to mobilize volunteers and voters through local events


October 5, 2021

Share upcoming event details with volunteers and voters. Make it easy for them to register with the free SignMeUp app built with Glide technology.

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Let voters and supporters know about events and make it easy for them to sign up. Use the free SignMeUp app to share event details and collect RSVPs.

Organizing community events, phone banks, fundraisers and canvassing drives is challenging. How can event details be easily shared online, flyers and signs? How can volunteers quickly find out about upcoming events and sign up for them? How can this be done with little money, time and staff?

Free, innovative technology is an equalizer for grassroots groups fighting the establishment for change. The SignMeUp was designed by DemLabs in a few hours using the Glide platform which already has thousands of users. SignMeUp does not require any software to be installed and can be used from a phone, tablet or laptop computer with this link

Share details about your upcoming events and collect RSVPs with the free EventSignUp app built with Glide.


Fast, simple and free

Grassroots groups and nonprofits struggle with fundraising, limited time and few technical resources. This solution was designed by Melisse Leib, a DemLabs volunteer with these constraints in mind. EventSignUp is easy to use and groups with some technical skills can easily design their own apps with Glide for free as well.

  1. Enter the details on your upcoming events.
  2. Share details on the events through a link like or through a QR Code.
  3. Event details can be seen as a list, calendar or on a map.
  4. People register through a simple form
  5. All the RSVPs are collected into a Google Sheet

Share event details

Event details can be shared as a link or as a QR Code that can be shared on social media or on flyers.

Share details on upcoming events

Once event details have been entered in the Google Sheet, they automatically show up in the EventSignUp app. The details are shown either as a list, calendar or as a map to make it easy for supporters to find the nearest event.

Create events. Collect RSVPs.

You can create one or multiple events and update the details as needed. All the RSVPs are immediately saved and displayed.


Glide makes it easy to create apps without knowing how to program. It has over 250,000 users who are using Glide based apps for hundreds of different applications. They have a free version of their solution and a premium version for about a $1/day. SignMeUp is an example of what’s possible with Glide which you can use for free, or create your own app with Glide.

Apply for pro bono help in using Glide for social justice and voting rights causes here.

TakeAway: Grassroots activists fighting for change against the establishment is a David vs Goliath story. Stones are free. Pick the best one, like Glide.



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