App Builder - Multiple windows

Hi All,

I know that the app builder is only able to open in a single window to ensure that changes don’t clash, everything is updated at the same time etc, but I was wondering if there was a ‘read only’ way of having it open, or similar workaround?

I’m sure we all have the same issue at times - trying desperately hard to remember that setting, and if you forget or are unsure then you have to go down the route of a half dozen screens to check, then go back another half dozen screens blah blah. Mr. ADHD over here finds that… fun, shall we say.

At the moment the only thing I can think to do is to duplicate the app itself as a copy, then have the copy open in another builder window as the point of reference. That does ‘solve’ the problem per se, but it also creates more opportunities for mistakes to happen.

So, is there a ‘read only mode’ that I just haven’t seen? I know the same thing happens when a team-member is trying to edit the app, which again causes problems because you can’t have two people working on the app at the same time. Read only would be useful even in that scenario because sometimes you just want to look at something, or have a remote colleague look at something as you walk through it with them, even if they can’t see it in real-time. If refreshing the screen brought the read-only up to date then that would be cool. Yeah, that sounds like a feature request now, but I don’t know if it’s already out there and I’m too blind. I’ve had a good search through the forum, but only found posts that were 1-2 years old…

Thanks all!

You should post this in feature request and I surely will vote the idea.