Apk / aab directly from Glide

I am willing to pay much more money than the Glide pro plan offers to get my .apk / .aab directly from Glide for various platforms.

(I am aware that there are platforms like “nativator.io” and I know that I can do it myself from “Android Studio” but I have reasons not to choose any of those 2 options.

So is it possible for Glide to give me an .apk / .aab of my app? (Regardless of whether this costs more than the pro plan.)

I don’t think it’s a matter of them giving you the .apk/.aab at a higher price, but it’s a matter of someone from their team having to spend their time converting your app to .apk/.aab because I doubt they have that ready in-house. There are a lot of things they have to consider to make it works both sides (with Glide builder and when you try to upload them to stores, for example).

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