Anyone played with Text to Speech using ElevenLabs API?

Here’s the URL with the Voice ID, but the URL returns an audio files which I had no idea how to capture it with Fetch JSON or JQUERY.

Any JSON expert can help enlighten me. Thanks!


I have a working code in Google App script, not sure if that helps you

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How do you handle the audio/mpeg output? Do you upload it somewhere before retrieving the link?

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Mind taking a look? :eyes:

Not at the moment, I have seen a tutorial using Make to pass it to Google drive.
I am trying to keep it simple with fetch JSON but I think it has its limitations too. API yes but the return value is audio which needs to be captured somewhere…I am not sure whether using JavaScript JSON or could do the job.

Keeping in mind, Free Tier no Glide API, using Glide Tables.

I enjoy working within the constraints and be creative.

You can use this: 🆕 Call API: call custom APIs, and return data back to your app

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