Any Use Cases Ideas Using Data Structure Integrations

Wondering if anyone successfully had a good outcome from the Integration to help us use it within our apps


hehe, I wrote the doc for this one, and I struggled to think of use cases :rofl:

I haven’t used it, and I can’t think of any scenario where I would :man_shrugging:
There are a few example use cases in the doc, but they are just invented use cases for the purpose of demonstrating the features.

I use Add Element to Set. I use it in a form when a user has to make multiple choices of data with more multiple choices. For example I need to create a product on an e-commerce platform. The goal is to use the form to choose matching attributes to then generate proper tags required (by the custom taxonomy of the company). So if tag condition-new is required for new unused items, we have to get the user to select “New” in a choice list of “New/Used”. But what if the product we are adding is a phone screen repair service? The attribute of Condition is not valid.

So first step is to have a relationship of all valid Tag Groups. If valid they appear in the form. But each group then has multiple predefined choices. So group “Condition” has options “New” and “Used”. “Screen Size” has another 6 predefined choices. “Brand” of course has associated choices…

With a lot of trickery I have the tag required by the ecommerce platform and associated with each choice, written to the users profile with “Add Element to Set”. Once the form is submitted, an action adds the cumulative tags from the user profile to a new table (among other things), restulting in a list of tags appropriate for that specific item and item type which makes it work on the website.

I never had the energy to post my original problem - as there are many other possible solutions which made more sense, but I just could not get them to work or they had impassable small issues I was not happy with.


I would assume a more practical use would be use “Add Element to Set” to collect and aggregate user ratings of a thing without creating a new row to hold the rating data for each vote.

Yes, this potential type of use case came up in discussions about the feature. Essentially a much simpler alternative to the Trebuchet method.

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