Any easy way to generate link previews?

I’d like to post a url and have my Glide app grab a thumbnail much like FB and other social apps do when you add a url.

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As far as I can tell, it’s not that simple.

You’ll need to leverage a free API that generates a link preview.

If you need to extract the URL from the body of the content, the process is a bit longer, but if the user enters the URL into a specific text field, then combine that URL with the URL of the LinkPreview website you found in a template column like this


And if you get something like Result in the Fetched column, you’ll get a JSON with the information you need to generate a Preview.

Use that JSON to organise the title, description, images, etc. in your new GlideTable.

Link that table to the body post you want to use and use a new collection, CardType, in the body to get a LinkPreview card for the URL.

Actually, I’d like to provide this service in a simpler way and without using external URLs. I’d be happy if the Glide team could show me a better way.

I used this in some of my projects.

Agree. They have a very good free plan.

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Is it possible to do this on starter or pro plan? Or only business now??

This is linked to a Make scenario, with a webhook action. In Make, I bring the link’s pieces of info back using a HTTP call (for Glide Tables, on Pro+).