Anti-Full-Screen Comments?

I don’t know if it’s already been requested, but some of my users have asked about being able to see the content of a screen while posting a comment. Right now, Comments edit areas overlay the Glide content.

In my opinion, Comments areas should work more like the Messages app, where the screen content moves up, and you’re able to scroll the entire screen (past comments and the Glide content all at once) while you’re posting your comment at the very bottom. Possible? On the road map? Desirable by anyone else? Does this even make sense?

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We don’t like it either! It’s implemented this way due to a bug in iOS, but we have a fix now, we just need to build it.


Hiyo, I just wanted to check in to see if there has been any movement on enhancing Comments. It would be great to have Google sign-in available for Comments. Also, getting away from the full-screen overlay would be great, still. My wife was frustrated today when trying to comment in my app when she couldn’t scroll back to the top of a long post. She ended up losing the text and having to retype.


I agree. Can’t wait for the fix!