An app with 130 columns? Is it feasible?

Hi Gliders

Has anyone made an app with over 100 columns and Google sheet as a data source? How is the performance of the app?

I want to make an app with almost 130 columns and most of these columns will include simple mathematical and if/else computations.

Need your feedback on whether an app with over 100 columns will impact the performance on speed or not.

Generally I think you are fine. I think there are several apps out there with well over 100 columns. I believe there are extenuating circumstances where you may have performance issues, but you won’t know until you try.

In reality I think that pales in comparison to the kinds of things @Darren_Murphy has done. I would actually read through the entire thread below to get a better idea of observations that a few of us have had.


We have apps with thousands of columns.


I have apps with tens of sheets, with over 200 columns on each sheet… no problems there

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