Allow use of 'Generate Image' fields for user profile pictures

It would be nice to allow the use of ‘Generate Image’ fields for user profile pictures, they look prettier than the default images assigned to users, not everyone wants to/can be bothered uploading their own

At first read I thought, ‘this is possible’; I tried with no success, it appears that the user profile image must be Column Type 'Image", otherwise it is not available in the drop-down.

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Here’s how I get this to work:

I have an onboarding screen that ultimately results in a set column button that marks a profileCompletedOn column with the current date and time.

Recently, I’ve been using that button to also set the profileImage column with the generated image IF the profileImage column is empty at the time they push the button to complete their profile (meaning they left the image picker component blank).

Works like a charm!


I didnt realise there was a text value for the Generated Images that can be easily passed into the profile image field. Thanks Robert, thats a great setup

I think I’ll be combining this with a user onboarding flow similar to @Lucas_Pires

  1. Main Screens + Menu hidden when ‘Onboarding Column’ Value is “null” (not set)
  2. Use “Link to Screen” on each onboarding screen to go to next onboarding screen
  3. “Button” for last page sets ‘Onboarding Column’ Value to 1 (on click of last button)
  4. This sets all Onboarding screens to hidden and unhides main screen & menu unhidden