Allow editing of references

Being able to edit references (with the choice component?) would be really useful. Currently I achieve this by creating a new column which is an array formula that copies the column and sets up the reference. This leads to lag on editing and feels unnecessarily complex

Have you tried the new Data Editor?

Without knowing anything about your app…is there any advantage to changing the child value being referenced, instead of the parent? This would probably only work in certain scenarios, but I thought I would just throw it out there.

Just tried it but I don’t think I fully get it. I think that’s probably because I’m thinking in terms of join tables and foreign keys. I’ll try again soon.

Like @david said, if you set up the reference in the Data Editor there’s no need for the ARRAYFORMULA, and you can use a Choice component on the text field the reference is based on, and the update will be immediate.

Yeah, I just go it to work. It’s amazing. Thank you so much!

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Please can u share a short video to show that ?

request addressed with existing functionality, archiving topic