Align text & button to bottom of screen

How can I align some text and a button to the bottom of the screen?

position:fixed; bottom:1%;

Can you be a bit more precise? I’m not quite following

i don’t know what element you are using

A button and a simple text

div[id*='screenScrollView'] > div > :nth-child(2) {
position:fixed !important;
bottom:10% !important;
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use Code BOOK:

I see you are asking many simple questions… is all there

The width is too wide in tablet mode. When you use 100% width, it makes the button too wide. Only in tablet mode

make it fixed size, like 300px

That doesn’t make it better. It still only looks good in phone mode, but not tablet mode

adjust it… what exactly do you need?

The width is perfect in the phone simulator, but in the tablet simulator, it is way too wide. So if I adjust the width, it only looks good in one of the simulators.

use min or max width…
so you can do like this…

width:50% !important; min-width:300px !important
you can center your button

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