Airtable Data Source Available Now! (Beta)

Hey Gliders!

We have good news today! You can now create Glide Apps and Pages from an Airtable database!


This is a beta release. This means that we think Airtable is stable and ready for production use but will still receive a lot of polish before an official launch. Please let us know what you think, and any feedback is much appreciated!


Try Airtable now! Share your feedback, and tell us what we can improve!


Excellent news. Thanks to the glide team for developing this for us.

It’s a great addition :+1:


While I’m not an airtable user I’m sure this news will make looooot of people happy !!


Already using it and Having Fun with it! :star_struck: :partying_face:

Thanks again Glide Team!

Let’s Go Glide! :facepunch: :sunglasses:


Yesssssss Let’s Goooo! HUGE WIN for Glide.


Congratulations @david and to all members of the community!!! This is huge!!!


This is exciting! I pay $25/month for a 3rd party app to integrate my airtable db and this will allow me to connect straight to glide instead. Going off to try it out….

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Update: My db has 5K rows of data and I have it currently set up with the Basic $12/mo plan. The airtable integration will only allow me 10 rows of data and is saying that I need to upgrade to a Private Plan ($40/mo) but I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to go with a Pro Plan ($32/mo) as they both allow 25K rows. Going to try that instead and hopefully cancel my other platform.

It should work with any Pro plan @Jeremy


Update: The app status is all messed up now and showing that I have 2 apps, 1 basic and 1 pro and now I see the basic has 5K rows which should have been fine, except that when I connected the API, it brought in all the tabs which have other data I don’t need. I think I will need to send a note to support to clear this up before I can play with Airtable.

I’ve upgraded to Pro and got the message that it will take a few minutes - waiting patiently now as it’s been at least 5 min and I’m still limited to only 10 rows, have logged out and back in… :crazy_face:

I’m keen to give Glide a go, as I use Airtable extensively - and I’m busy trialing one of the other solutions.

Anybody got some feedback on creating a successful solution with Glide & Airtable?

This is excellent news! Already building a few apps - great job Glide team!!!

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Congratulations Glide Team.

These are my impressions after trying Glide Airtable integration beta last weeks as an early adopter.

So excited about having a complete functional integration soon.

I have tried the new Airtable connection and ran into a very serious problem.
Airtable’s linked record fields are not showing in Glide. It impossible to actually use Airtable since all the data is already connected between tables and Glide just can’t see it.

Please fix that.


In my experience linked data appear correctly in Glide integration. Due to the narrow row limits in the free version the linked data aren’t always available. I made the beta testing upgrading to pro and all linked data were there ready to be shown.

The main problem with this beta version is the impossibility to edit Airtable links and multi attachment Airtable fields. Also I’m missing a carrousel component in Glide Pages in order to show multi attachments as it is already possible in Apps.

Some kind of access to Airtable views would be great.

Although all this lacks, it looks like just a fine starting point but not enough for an official launch.

What the row limit got to do with missing fields?
Airtable’s linked record fields (the field which connects a record to a record in another table) are just missing in Glide.

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@Amit_Merckado can’t you see the Airtable link columns or are they empty?

What do you mean by they’re “just missing”? They don’t show up? They’re not editable yet, but they should show up and be usable.

this is a great evolution for glide. we can see that the application is more reactive than with google sheet! In my opinion, something is missing, being able to use the airtable views as table. that would be awesome.