Admin dashboard to see all user insights and stats?


I am currently creating an app to track my delivery drivers, but I want all of their data to flow into an “Admin” dashboard where I can get overall insights, charts and drill down by driver or by account and filter by date, etc.

Do I need to create another tab just for the admin to see and can I password protect that so that my drivers can’t see it?

Do I need to create another Admin app that is fed data from my Delivery app? Not even sure if this is possible.

I would appreciate your advice on how to accomplish this because if it can do this, I’ll definitely be upgrading to a paid plan with 10-15 users.


That’s an option. You can put a condition on the tab to only make it visible to you, so password perfecting it is not necessary.

This is definitely possible. Multiple apps can refer to the same tables.

What you choose is a matter of your personal preference.


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