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Hi Guys

How can I add a tag on my image for Sale or Out of stock?

There should be fields at the bottom of the component to add fields (like tags) to images, tiles, cards, etc.

Thank you what about in a case like this where I want the one shirt to be on sale and the other is out of stock


Hi @Valentine_Madzhie

If the column that you have assigned for tag changes, the value will be reflected here.

In case the values of “On Sale” and “Out of Stock” are in two different columns, then you can make use of the data editor inside Glide and create an if-then-else column to pull one or the other value. Use this column in the tag.

You honestly lost me

Hmm, were you able to display both “on sale” and “out of stock” tags?

No I wasn’t I am trying to achieve that but don’t know how to go about it.

Yup as @abhilashabhatia said, create an IFTHEN column to display the on sale or out of stock values (if something is true then On sale; if something else is true then Out of stock).

You’ll likely need a couple IFTHEN columns to first determine if an item has stock, then to determine if the item is on sale. If it has stock, return True. Then check if the item is on sale… If it is, return True to that column.

Then you can build a Template to get the values of the two IFTHENs (i.e. in stock and on sale would be “TrueTrue” as a result in the template).

Finally build another IFTHEN to check if the template is “TrueTrue”. If it is, return " On Sale". If it’s not, return “Out of Stock”. You may want other breakdowns from the template you create (like " in stock" for something in stock but not on sale).

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I tried this but still struggling is there like a mini example you can maybe show me please