Adding ‘Create Image’ in AI Column Flyout for Glide Tables

Hey Glide Team,

I’ve got a cool idea for a new feature that I think would make a big difference in our Glide experience. Right now, the AI column flyout has some great options, but it would be awesome to have a “Create Image” feature in there too.

What’s the Idea?

Add a “Create Image” option in the AI column flyout menu within Glide tables. This way, we can generate images directly from our data without leaving Glide.

Why It Rocks:

Super Convenient: No need to hop out of Glide to make images.

Boost Creativity: More options for making our apps look awesome.

Smooth Workflow: Keeps everything streamlined and easy to manage.

How We Could Use It:

Profile Pics: Automatically make profile pictures from user data.

Thumbnails: Generate custom thumbnails for media content.

Visual Data: Create charts, diagrams, or any other images from our data inputs.

Thanks for considering this! I really think it would add a lot of value and fun to our app-building process.