Add TimeColumn's value to another TimeColumn's value

i’m implementing a booking system where there are fixed time slots.
I have a TimeColumn with the StartTime and i would like to get a TimeColumn with the EndTime calculated adding the StartTime and a TimeSlot value.
Start Time: 9:00 (entered)
Time Slot: 0:30 (fixed value)
End Time: 9:30 (calculated)

It’s not mandatory (in my app) to have TimeSlot as TimeColumn, it could be a string like “0:30” or a numeric value as 30.
How can i get this ?
Thanks in advance

You could use a math column…



or simply

x+y/1440… where x is your Start Time and y is your Time Slot

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It’s also important to emphasize that the TimeSlot value should be consistent for that to work. I would recommend keeping it as a number (of minutes).