Add Rows QTY Number

Hi, I´ve created a custom form so my team can add a request when client place an order.

The problem im trying to solve is that the product that we are selling have different Serial Number or code, but in the catalogue is the same name. We added a QTY Button, but I could not sort out that the form duplicate the number of QTY in the database.

Any idea that can help me to solve this?

If they have the same catalogue name, how do you differentiate them if not for the serial number?

If it has to be the serial number, you should show it on the front end with a template column, combine it with the product name. Only write the serial code to the final record to differentiate them.


Product has the same SKU, so the catalogue is only one product. I’m trying to make an action that if the team entries more than 1 unit to the form, the form duplicates the item, so then we can manually assign the serial numbers when dispatch

For Example, smartphone, computers, headset catalogues only show model, but then when assigned/dispatched each item has different serial numbers or imei number. This way we have a reduce catalogue, but then we have a long and extensive inventory sheet.

I don’t know if I expressed my self correctly.

So if you sell 3 items in one go that should be 3 rows, and so on? Each must have their own serial number?

Exactly, the catalogue is different from the inventory.

In the form if my team or client choose 3 units of a product, 3 row should be added. I have tried many things but could not manage to do it yet.

Any idea?