Add more data sources to existing app

Currently, we have an app that uses an Excel sheet. We believe we need to connect to data in an additional Excel sheet.

The only way that we can find to do this (and this could be wrong) is to create a new Glide Pages project and connect to the two data sources. This seems to work, however, we will need to recreate two reasonably complex apps using this solution.

Is there no way to add another data source after creating an app?

All help is appreciated!

Can you not just add more sheets to your existing Excel workbook?

There are two apps that have their own data sources.
We now need to access both data sources in both apps.

Example, we need the list of clients in app A to be available in app B.
And vice versa. Like so:

As far as I’m aware, you can only connect a single Excel workbook to a Glide Project, so your best option is probably to explore ways to combine the two data sources.

With Google Sheets, the go to option here would be IMPORTRANGE. I’m not familiar with Excel, but perhaps it has something similar?

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