Add facebook profile URL to user profile

I’d like in the user’s sheet to have a place where the user can enter their facebook url profile such as Facebook. Then I’d like to go that html on various places in the app. How can I do that?

You will need to be on a paid plan to use the web embed component.

In the Data Editor

  • In the users table, create a basic URL column to store the URL of the social media profile.

In the Layout Editor

  • On the user profile screen, use a text entry component to allow the user to enter the URL of their social media profile.
  • Display the social media profile by using a ‘Web embed’ component.

Things to look out for

  • The URL will need to include http or https
  • Not all website allow themselves to be embedded.
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I had this updated recently.

  • Add an Experimental Code column and add this URL to it:

  • Add the Facebook URLs, and any other links you need.

  • Use a rich text component to display the result on the screen. It would look like this.



Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, Facebook does not let me embed the URL. However, I was able to use the rich text box and create a hyperlink.

The button or action components might also be useful here.

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