"Add comment" not clickable

Dear Glide Community,
I am trying to integrate the Comment function into my app. The Comment-Topic points to a Row-ID. In the Glide Editor, everything works beautifully. However, on the released app, the “Add Comment” field is then not clickable, on both Chrome and Firefox. Has anyone had similar experiences and been able to resolve the issue?

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Hi @Christian_Muller-Lie

Could we have a link to the app?

I just noticed problems with Comments yesterday, as well.

  • Comments aren’t syncing to the app (mobile or web)
  • Users are asked to “sign in” to post a comment on the actual app; console is fine
  • Deleted comments aren’t disappearing from the app (mobile or web)
  • I can create comments on the web app, but users can’t

ETA: Now I’m unable to comment on the web app, as it doesn’t show me “logged in” for commenting.

And now I’ve lost the Comment icons. ??


Sure, here: https://abik-app.glideapp.io

How do I get to your comments section?

Thanks Santiago for your help! On the web app, you can use the test login “blubli@byom.de”. byom is a trash mail provider. Go to byom.de and insert blubli to get the app code. After login try this deep link: ABiK. Does that work? You should see something like this:

“Komentar hinzufügen” is the same as “Add comment”

Out of curiosity, can you show a screenshot of how you have your comments component configured?
Also, what value you you are using for the title? How are you sorting the comments?

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Some more screenshots here:
In the Glide App Editor, everything is fine:


Here the configuration of the comments component:

And here some insights to the data behind:

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Ours is set up similarly.

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@Christian_Muller-Lie @scottj52101 Ok, just curious. I see some weird bugs too, such as adding comments that don’t show up. There’s probably a few issues, but I had noticed that sorting Newest first didnt work well. I was moreso curious what was used for the Title, or if it was a value that kept changing. Seems like it’s more of a bug issue that Glide has to fix.

When I first started looking at this, we were set to “Newest first”. Once I changed it to Oldest first, it disappeared all the comments if I reverted to Newest first. Now it’s at Oldest first, but the other glitches are more concerning to me.

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Jeff, should I open a ticket at the Sopport center?

I would if you are still experiencing issues.


Here’s the link to submit a ticket.

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