Add ability to expire CSV download URLs

I recently implemented a CSV export feature that generates a URL for users to download the file.

After testing, I discovered a security issue - the URL remains insecurely accessible even after the initial download. By manually copying the URL, I could re-download the CSV file multiple times without logging in.

This is a security risk because the CSV contains sensitive personal information. If network traffic is monitored during download, the URL could be sniffed and used to access the CSV again later.

The ideal solution would be to have the URL invalidate or expire immediately or on a time based parameter after the initial authorized download. This would prevent the CSV file from being accessible via the same link in the future.

Could you please add a feature to Glide Apps that allows expiring URLs or disabling access via the link after a configurable time period or initial use?

This would enable building more secure CSV export features that prevent sensitive data from being accessed by anyone other than the intended user.

Please let me know if any other details would be helpful to understand this request. Being able to expire URLs would greatly improve the security of any file export or share feature.

Thank you.