From an open form I would like to put the members id in cell F2 for later use in Google script.

I cannot find an action for that, is there an other way?

you need to create a relation to the first row, and use set column action…
i.e: create a column named X, enter the value in the first row “X”, then another column let’s call it XXX, use a single value column, and copy X to all rows… then relate XXX to X… then create action to set values using that relation

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What do you mean by “put the member’s ID in cell F2”? Do you mean when you create a new row it should be added there?

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No, when I open Kalle Anka form and click Member, the value should be placed in F2.

F2 is the second row of MembersID column… you need to create a relation to that row… i showed you how to do it using X and XXX column… you type X in that row and relate column XXX to the column X

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In Glide it’s actually the first row in his table.

@Ralf - here is what I would suggest.

  • in that table, create a Single Value → First → Whole row column, that targets the first row of the same table. This essentially gives you a single relation to the first row in the table from every other row. (The same as Uzo suggested, except it requires one column instead of two)
  • on the action that’s triggered when you view a Member, add an extra step. This should be a Set Column Values, via the previous column, setting the MemberID in the MembersID column.

This should give you what you want.

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@Darren_Murphy is right… you can save 1 column… but when you deal with many tables and columns… is better to have some standard names and methods for easy finding and editing… also is easier to change the row, manually or dynamically… simply by placing X somewhere else instead of editing single value column in the editor… you can do that from glide app, glide editor, google sheet or google script :wink:

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Thank you guys!

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OK, I thought this was taking care of by AI!

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