Accessibility πŸŽ‰

I posted on the old message board about the need for screen reader accessibility and spoke with @JackVaughan briefly over the phone about accessibility needs. It seems like either you all have put in some work in meeting WCAG standards or VoiceOver on iOS just works better with PWAs. Whereas I used to not be able to navigate much of the content in a glide app with VoiceOver, I am now able to get most of the information from the content and controls!

Areas for improvement:

  • Images are automatically tagged with a generic, machine-created description, but true accessibility would mean that content creators would be able to add their own alt tags to images. Would you want today’s AI creating your visual experience?

  • Images read out random filename text before the actual alternative text description (alt tag). I’m not sure how to do it, but there needs to be some kind of code that tells the screen reader to ignore the filename and only read the alt="" text.

  • Overlays like the Comments posting area and the Edit page area seem to be appended to the end of the DOM, because I am still able to navigate whatever content I was at previously WHILE the Comment or Edit screen is up. I should not be able to navigate content that is not currently on the screen. This stack overflow article talks about something similar.


Thanks for this post. I am looking at potentially using Glide as a medium for some collaborative work with the Computer Science Teachers Association, but cannot do so if it is not accessible. Hopefully improvements will be made in short order.

Last time I tried the overlays with VoiceOver on iOS, it did seem like the issue with the screen reader accessing components of the previous page is fixed. I’m not positive on this, but I’m hoping the Glide devs put a little work into it.