Absenteeism control

Hello everyone! for the control of employee schedules.
In the following I have two screens, the “registration” screen and another “employees” screen
What I do on the “registration” screen add all the employees in a “multiple selection”, add the date of entry, but since the dates of entry can be much earlier than the current one I need to know when an employee was last loaded so supervisors know who needs to be loaded. So he needed each employee to tell me when was the last time it was loaded or the number of days it has been without adding data to this employee. I am making my database in AirTable

Does “loaded” mean an entry of that person in the Registrations table?

If so, you can do it like this. Assuming you are storing something like this in the Registrations table.

Date Employees
12 Mar 2023 Employee A,Employee B,Employee C
13 Mar 2023 Employee B,Employee C

If so, you can use a split text column to split the employees list. You will now have an array.

Then, go back to the table where you store all employees, create a multiple relation to the array above.

Next, use a rollup column on top of that relation, and get back the latest “Date”.

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Your explanation is spectacular and I solved it perfectly. Thank you very much for your help

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Glad it could help!

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