A Trigger to write

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What if I want this Ramen on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I am using css-modified list and try to make it a toggle switch to book the meal on specific date.

Adding data onto the table is the next thing I might have to confront. But for now. Is there any tricks to make a list that works as toggle switches?

I think I am struggling with something similar, but on a much longer list. I have a list of people, I want to check box against them, and then press a button to add something to their column. That is proving rather hard.

However, in your case, as you only have a limited selection, could you use user specific columns (one for each day), forward that data on when the confirm button is pressed, and then clear that data from the columns later in the same process?

I haven’t gone down this road, but I am fairly sure it could work.

I also want ramen for lunch now.


Great! I’d booked ramen on Thursday for you.

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And now I will be working on how to add multiple rows in one time if 3 days were selected :stuck_out_tongue: