2 Q's on How to: Import Screen Capture (or other info) into Glide


  1. Is it possible to let users do a screen capture (ie iPhone ) and paste that into Glide?
  2. Is there an AI feature that can read text from files (images) and import that into Glide?

Would I love to have happen is take the information from a confirmation screen and important it from the photo into Glide’s … otherwise importing the photo itself is the fall back plan.

If so, are the steps to do so in the Glide ecosystem? I may be looking under the wrong search terms.


Yes, all you need is an Image Picker component.

You can use the Google Cloud Vision Integration


To be clear (to make sure we are on the same page):
What I was referring to was not just uploading the image. I meant is there a way to copy the screen capture directly to the clipboard and then paste that into Glide?

Essentially, the user needs to be able to take a screen capture of a confirmation screen. If they can paste that directly into Glide that would be awesome.

Those extra steps of uploading are fine but this is happening in an active environment so the fewer the steps the better.

No, I’m not aware of anyway to do that.

Does a screen capture even go to a device clipboard? :thinking:
I guess the behaviour may vary from device to device (and maybe it’s configurable on some devices), but I believe that on an iPhone the default behaviour is to save the image straight to the camera roll?

I was testing that out before I read your message and yes it goes to the camera roll.

So it looks the only option would be multiple steps.

Thanks a lot for the assistance!