100 Days of NoCode / AI: Welcome + FAQs

Hello 100 Days of No Code / AI participants! :wave:

We’re excited to have you join us via the 100 Days of NoCode and 100 Days of AI cohorts. While they’re a great way to jump into Glide, there’s a whole lot more you can do with our platform.

Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of it.

1. Activate your exclusive promo code

You were sent a a special promo code as part of the Glide lesson. This code entitles you to an exclusive 30 day trial of the Maker plan.

To apply the code:

  1. Open your Glide dashboard
  2. Go to the Billing screen
  3. Click the Manage Plan button in the top right corner
  4. Select the Monthly → Maker plan
  5. On the checkout screen, add the promo code

2. Visit Glide University for an intro to Glide

Head to Glide University once you’ve completed your Glide lesson. You’ll find a ton of helpful courses and more lessons on building custom apps with Glide.

Glide University courses

3. Get Glide Certified

Complete the Glide Certification levels 1-3 once you’re acquainted with the Glide platform. These certification courses were meticulously designed to take you from core fundamentals through advanced builds.

P.S. Your certifications can also be added to your LinkedIn profile.

Keep it going: Join the Glide Experts program

You can turn your Glide skills into a side hustle – or even a full-time career – by building custom Glide apps for others.

Join the Glide Experts program to earn rewards by referring new customers to Glide, or joining your clients’ existing Glide teams.

Reminder: Cancel your Maker plan to avoid charges

If you don’t want to continue building on a Maker plan with Glide, you should cancel your Maker plan subscription before the 30 day trial period ends.

To cancel your plan:

  1. Open your Glide dashboard
  2. Go to the Billing screen for your team
  3. Click the Manage Plan button in the top right corner
  4. Hit Cancel Plan
  5. Follow the prompts

This will keep you from getting billed for a plan renewal, and your team will revert to a Free plan. Learn more about our the different plans on our Pricing page.

Taking part in the 100 Days of NoCode / AI challenge? Reply to this thread, say hello, ask questions, and share your Glide lesson entries.

Not taking part in the challenge? Sign up for free:

We can’t wait to see what you build!


what’s the promo code?

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I think it should have been sent to your email. I think that is why they asked us that we should use the same email address to login into the community so that they can communicate easily with us and be able to receive such updates or news or even promo codes.

I think i may have spoken too soon about it being sent to email. I would like to also find out how is the promo code received or who qualifies for this initiative?

Check the “build an audio-to-text note taking app” email from 100 Days.

Near the end there’s a callout re: using the Maker plan.

The promo code is included there. :slight_smile:

I can confirm i never received that email. I have checked all my emails from Glide even before the 100 days back are still there.

Are you participating in this?
(At least I think that is the website they are referring to.)



Thanks @Jeff_Hager!

I updated the original post with new links.

@Luther @dexterdotbuzz – Are you enrolled in either of those?

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager

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Thanks @NoCodeAndy, i will have a look at the links.