YC lesson

Hi guys,
I am looking for someone who can give me a zoom lesson and help me get started with YC.
I have basic JS knowledge and I am sure I will get around writing the code itself.
My main concern in setting up a project in visual studio and connecting it.
I don’t mind paying for it of course.

Hola @Lin_Altshuler

I’d suggest you to start here JavaScript Tutorial to understant and test basic or semi-complex JS concepts later, use and test the “Hell-Yes Code” column showed here https://community.glideapps.com/t/please-help-us-test-yes-code-column/28870/63

That Visual Studio your mentioned is Microsoft Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, etc?

I hope it helps you!

Feliz día


I am using Replit now.
any Idea why I get this?


I’d use this template/script to get started with Replit


2021-07-13 14.48.07

Here you can put your code directly and test results, later if you want, you might create your own repls already customized and use/share them as template.