Work-around for cell limit

I have A LOT of policies that contain A LOT of text. I am finding I am capped at 50,000 per cell. Is there a work around? What I am doing now, which I am not a fan of, is breaking the policy into parts and each part is a line item in the sheet.

Policy Number | Policy Name | Parts | Date
1234 | ABC | 1 of 5 | Oct 10, 2019
1234 | ABC | 2 of 5 | Oct 10, 2019

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I use a link to a PDF for most of my long documents. Otherwise I don’t know of a way besides what you are doing.

If I were to use the PDF, I am going to assume the search feature would not function? Is that correct? Ideally I would be able to put “School” into the search box and all the policies with that word would filter.

You are correct. But once the odd is opened by what ever your user has selected on the device to view it there could be searching within the given pdf.