[WINNER ANNOUNCED] Year of Power: Build-Off with Glide Experts 🛠️

UPDATE: Congratulations to Marco (@Loqode) for winning our first ever Build-Off with Glide Experts! Marco built an impressive app combining his expertise in wine with some AI + HTML + PDF generation magic. Check it out on YouTube →

Three of our top Glide Experts competed to publish a new Glide app in only an hour, with live commentary from the Glide team.

Check them out:

Watch the replay:

Which of these apps were your favorite?

  • Megann’s employee evaluation?
  • Marco’s wine sales companion?
  • Bob’s YouTube-to-LMS magic?

Vote below! Polling closes on Monday afternoon.

The winner will be announced during our Gliding into the New Year keynote.

Favorite build-off app?
  • Megann Lock
  • Marco Volpato
  • Robert Petitto
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What an amazing session. Inspired by all the experts…All applications were fabulous- so difficult to choose the winner…

It’s pretty astounding what one can do in one hour. And really, it could have been 2 or 8 or 20 hours, it would still be amazing. Laughs all round, and also a ton of expertise and power. Congrats to all three, you all deserve to win and surely you’ve won everyone’s hearts.


I’m waiting for another one

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I must say, the presentation showcasing the development of various apps was truly outstanding. Each app demonstrated its unique value, and I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to learn about these impressive tools you’ve introduced. Among them, Marco’s apps left the most profound impression on me, particularly due to the exceptional marketing skills exhibited. It’s inspiring to witness such creativity and expertise in action.

Thank you for sharing this insightful presentation. I look forward to exploring and applying these learnings further.


I’m immediately trying to get the YouTube thing working as I can use it instantly for a project I am working on (it was something I knew I needed to do, but no idea how). Can you share the service you use, @Robert_Petitto ? Thanks! and to all for your amazing work - lots of ideas written down to play with!


Hey @Mark_Turrell!
Here’s the one I ended up using:


Thank you for watching Ivonne! It was a lot of fun and I’m glad you found it valuable :grin:

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Thanks! Now I am trying to figure out this ‘endpoint’ thing, etc. I followed the Payhere video example to get that working, but this is new for me and I do not have my head round it yet. Once I get the content out, then I can play with it… missing the middle piece!

I have been working on parsing OpenAI output, once wrangled into shape, into things like quizes on the fly, or conversations where you get one-tap suggestions on things to ask. My use case is giving leadership and management advice inside of Swiss companies and govt organizations - and Glide + AI is a lot cheaper than actual people! I have the advisor part down quite nicely - the next step is the ‘learn’ part… then afterwards I will build the Assessment part - questionnaires, then AI advice on what to do next :slight_smile:

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Plus I was so shocked about how you managed to get content out, that I was not paying attention properly when it started!

I voted for Megan. Why? Because whilst all 3 apps were absolutely brilliant and gobsmacking what these 3 experts can build in a 1 hour timeframe. I found that Robert’s app heavily relied on AI. Marco’s app whilst relying on AI however not to the same degree as Robert.

However with Megan’s app whilst it included AI the app is multi functional. Meaning: if one doesn’t have AI in their Glide plan they could easily adapt the app without the AI function and still come up with a very cost effective, user friendly app which would be suitable for any HR dept or if no dept the manager could easily track the reviews of the employee and also feedback.

Not to mention, I really liked that employees could encourage each other by leaving a review.

Well done Megan. And also well done to Robert and Marco.

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I like that Megan’s app also had a nice email integration. Simple and effective. Hallmark of building with Glide :clap:


Very cool share on the Utube transcriptor link you just shared here! Your APP was very sweet one Utube upload to manage all employee training.

Congrats Marco. Fabulous win.