Where can I show Tab labels?

I don’t come from IT either, even if I end up starting as Consultant (I had no idea what the job title meant! So overrated).
Very interesting how progress in digital area opens doors to potentials and inspired people how to do things smarter, with tools and environment more and more accessible to every “intelligence-type”. A way of not judging people and give everyone a chance to try and be amazed. A way of not limiting views.
And yes, that’s fresh eyes. And even with newbie’s mistakes (Who never made any mistake never tried anything new : Was is Albert or Thomas who said that?) after enough mistakes we all come up with something to add. And that’s Value.


haha ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And in what color you like your beer? Did you create a CSS class for that too?

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Oh ho! I spotted the “collapsible table” and the “smaller rows table”.
Care to share these?
Thks, Darren :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Adjustable Table Row Height
    This one just affects the Basic Table component. Adjust the height to your liking.
.sts-row {
    height: 35px !important;

The other one is a bit more complicated, and won’t work for you just if I share the CSS. I use it for collapsible CSS tables. See below for an example:

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Hi, ThinhDinh. It works in the Glide Builder, but on my smartphone, it’s truncated.

I tried to adjust from 59 to 49, etc or up to 89. It can be worse.
Looks like my tab menu is too low.
Maybe that’s why I hid the titles from the beginning (2 months ago), and totally forgot where on earth I set that up! @Manu.n :woman_facepalming:
I was supposed at that time to develop a quick Mininum Viable Product, so not a single code whatsoever.
But now, I am allowed to really work on my prototype.

Thks for your advice.
No big deal if I’d better use 1 line only.
Just would be nice for other apps (French titles can be long, but helpful for users)

Active ou désactive les noms des ‘Tabs’