What does Custom CSS do in the component's options section?

How does ‘CUSTOM CSS’ work?


Watched the video for the third time and finally saw the 20 seconds of creating a “custom container” inside the component and then going to settings/appearance to enter the CSS for custom container.

Is this a scoping mechanism? I currently use Custom CSS (defined within settings/appearance) without referencing it at the component level and it works fine.

I haven’t personally used it, but I believe how it works is that you assign a class name to a specific component. Then when you add your custom CSS you can refer to that class name. I think you can globally set CSS like you are currently, but if you want more granular control over specific components, then you give each component a class name which will be more stable than trying to figure out class names by viewing the source.


Yes, can confirm this is the correct take.

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How do I edit title font size in card component without affecting other fonts in the card component

Target the specific class for the card’s title, not just the card.

How do I do that sir. An example please

You can use Inspect Element to find the class name related to the card’s title and reference it in your CSS.