What are the hex code for Glide accent colors

I want to use the same color as the ‘See All’ for inline lists to add a bespoke ‘See As Agenda’ feature (thanks @ThinhDinh / @Jeff_Hager )

I think this is set in Appearance/Accent Color but I don’t know the hex/name of the color.


When you tap on the theme colour in the settings, the hex code is displayed in the box just below it.

Ahh…thanks for the clue.

In Accent Colors if you click on the ‘rainbow’ tile it gives you the HEX code for the currently selected Appearance/Accent Color.


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Yeah, that’s it. Sorry I was away from my computer just now so I couldn’t check exactly how you get it. But I knew it was there :slightly_smiling_face:


Tip - Also if you ever want to know the colour on any web page there is a handy free google chrome extension.

I use this all the time :+1: