Web app in full width?

Hi there I wanted to ask if there is a way to make use of an app in full width, like a 100% width website? It would be really usefull to make use of this extra space on left and right.
thanks in advance.

You might be able to do it with CSS on a Business/Enterprise plan.

I still think there needs to be some left and right padding here, but it’s basically what you want.

#main-root div[class*="justify-center"] {
--container-x-pad: 10px;
max-width: 95vw;

Thank you ! I tried It and works know I need to do some research on CSS,

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Glad that helped!

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div[class*="full normal container"] {
max-width: 2000px;

Please try to add this for components inside a container. Let me know if it works.

The max-width being 2000 here is just an arbitrary number. Try to increase if it doesn’t fully work for you.

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